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Dafiyah Enterprise is a project of Syed Academy (Virtual) based in Virginia, United States with offices located in Delware and Virginia.  We are working in collaboration with a sister company Alpha Management and Training LLC, which is registered with the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our offices are located in Virginia, Delaware, and Islamabad, Pakistan, and we are expanding rapidly.

Our institution is already providing various other courses to a variety of students in United States.  With the use of greater technology and much better teaching staffing, we create an interactive curriculam that is specially designed for and responsive to each person’s individual needs.  With this individualized curriculum that imparts the knowledge of not only recitation, but also reading, writing and understanding the Holy Quran, we look forward to serving your or your child’s needs. Read more »

What We Teach

  • Quran Reading, Learning, Understanding.
  • Writing practice using advanced online tools.
  • Tajweed Rules.
  • Basic Arabic Lessons.
  • Recitation of Quran with Arabic accent. (Qirat & Tajweed)
  • One-on-One live classes and group classes both available. In group classes children have better sense of competition and learn better working with other children at the same time.
  • Parents can watch while their children are taking the class.
  • Convenient and Easy Quran learning at home.
  • Our Staff is specifically chosen to cater to the needs of the students in the English speaking western world.
  • For instructors, only candidates with a master's degree or higher are selected, with good English and interpersonal skills and Islamic education.
  • Free NO OBLIGATION 3-day trial classes are available, and we are confident that you will like our methodology.